BACK TO SCHOOL guys, count on it. I bet you wish for a longer holiday :) me too! I think it's too short this year.

I am really sure all PMR candidates are freakin nervous now. thinking about their own results. Anyway, good luck & we'll see what you'll get tomorrow! So plus I think that a lot of us will move to another school. Maybe this blog will not active or yea I don't know. just wait & see :) Top up your doa now to muslims!
Feeling relieved after PMR? hehe. Great but don't forget that it's just a couple of months to get to the next level. Which is Form4. For those who applied SBP , MRSM or Technic School should be prepared early. There are many seminars available now, go check 'em out. Instead of chatting, xD do online test like I did. Sorry I didn't search for other subjects. easy english , british council & world english
Salam people, this post is just to inform that 3D's photobucket acc. has been privated due to some reasons. Hence, if any of you want to see the photos just leave a comment. We will not easily give out our password to stranger. Don't frown if your face isn't there because you're absent right? xD Class photos are available for view & we accentuate the classmates first :)
Hari ini hari Selasa, haha =.= btol la. Ohh nak tau x klas 3D hari ni 8 orang je datang? 4 lelaki (kimi, zizi, alauddin & syafiq) 4 perempuan (alia, wani (a) , hazirah & khalida) hahah. Kesian2 tapi ok la, aman sket kt skolah xD
Ok, since xde bende nk buat~ ade yg maen carom, rubik cubes & byk lagi. Ktorang pg snap2 photo la. Lagi best kot. hehe. So yg minah 4 orang ni tangkap2 gambar ngan member2 lain & klas2 lain. hahaha. Ok la. Nahh gamba ;D
*ohh ohh and cikgu ckp minggu ni ade football match & bola jaring je. Sorry la, bdk klas ktorg xminat bola jaring. hahah, so ktorg game minggu laen. Chess ngan scrabble nye mane cikgu? ckp nk bg..boring la T_T
Click here to see the photos. Byk sgt nk upload, blog ni lmbb sket xD haha


Salam, We had an English Seminar on 11 Aug. by a teacher from SMK DHK which I can't recall her name. hehe. Well, it is useful though for us since our PMR is nearer and the Trial is on. Last week on Thursday we had PSV(2) exam, and it's quite easy. On Friday was Ag/moral paper. I think it's Ok, hopefully we can score A for that. Till then creatures, Go grab some books ! shuhh~